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Our calm and caring manner makes Gentle Dental the perfect dentist for children.

By using us to look after your kids you know they will receive the same high quality, caring service that all our customers receive.

How we help your kids learn to look after their teeth

We divide the under 18’s into three categories. Under 5’s, 5-12 and 13-17 and although our approach with each age group is similar the information we impart varies a lot. Rather than just a quick dental health review with a dentist all under 18’s see the hygienist/therapist on a regular basic in order to learn how to care for their oral health for life.

Age under 5 we see children free of charge. These appointments are about familiarisation and often we won’t even get the child into the chair never mind look at their teeth. However we can give advice to parents about how to look after the teeth and give diet advise on how to prevent dental decay.

Age 5–12 we bring you children into the conversation a bit more and guide the children on how to brush their teeth themselves although be aware, parental support is essential until around 8 years old. Depending on the child they may need your guidance for longer. Advice on diet and frequency of sugar will be give for both the parents and the child.

Age 13–17 it is all about giving the advice the teens need from an oral health point of view and building on what they have already learnt. What to eat when and how to look after their teeth and gums for life. As the parent of a teen ager you will be aware of the vaccine for HPV so we also include information on this to help to protect their health.

Monthly paid memberships are available for the 5- 17 year olds to help to spread the cost.

Dentists for children they no longer dread

I have been going to Rob and Niamh for over 10 years, in fact the whole family goes! I am always completely happy with the experience as I am always fully informed and involved in any decision making that needs to be done. I wouldn't want to be treated anywhere else.
- Mrs L. Richards De Bens

Dentists are rarely popular with children, that’s nothing unusual. At Gentle Dental we’ll do everything we can to put them at ease and make their dental health review as pleasant as possible.

There’s a TV in front of the dentist’s chair with films to distract them while we look at their teeth, and we’ll explain everything we do clearly up front so there are no surprises.

We try and avoid any invasive treatments like drilling and injections if possible. Especially with baby teeth where we can repair damage with fluoride varnish rather than giving them a filling, this should help them last until the tooth falls out naturally.

We’ll help your kids look after their teeth so they can hopefully avoid the need for any treatments.

Set your kids up for the future

As your kids start to look after their own dental health it’s crucial that they know how to care for their teeth. We’re here to help you show your kids how to look after their teeth. It’s not uncommon for issues to crop up and we’re here to help your child, not to shame you for something that’s likely outside your control.

We want your children to look after their oral health into adulthood by getting them off to a good start. We are experienced and understanding dentists for children and we hope to prevent them disliking dentist visits from a young age.

Child orthodontics

As your kid’s adult teeth start to come in we’ll be able to watch them, if we can see any teeth that may need straightening we can get on top of it early.

If you child meets the requirements they can be referred to the NHS. The NHS often has long waiting lists so by assessing their teeth early we can get them on the list quickly.

We use Invisalign braces, these are practically invisible aligners that they can take out when they need to. There’s no need for the train track style braces of the past and you can take them eat when eating or cleaning your teeth.

Find out more about Invisalign braces

Cavity treatment for children

Our mouth contains bacteria that breaks down the sugars in our food and drink. This produces acid that can wear away the enamel -the hard outer covering of a tooth - allowing a cavity to form.

Unfortunately, some people, both adults and children, are more susceptible to cavities than others. Genetics and salivary flow (how much saliva is produced in a day) play a big role in this. In Baby teeth where, despite doing all the correct things in terms of cleaning and food/drink intake, there is still dental decay the application of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) can help.

Find out more about silver diamine fluoride

Our child dental plans

What they are entitled to: 3-4 years 5-12 years 3-17 years

Hygienist/therapist visit (exam with a dentist when necessary incl)

2 2 2
Fluoride varnish to seal the teeth when necessary and prevent tooth decay      
Dental advice for parents so they can confidently monitor their children's dental health      
Tooth brushing techniques to help your child clean more effectively      
A polish to smooth the surface of the teeth and help stop plaque forming      
Orthodontic screening and referral when necessary, so they grow up with a straight smile      
A simple scaling to remove plaque and calculus as part of their dental health review      
Gum health assessments and flossing to monitor gums and prevent future problems      
Monthly cost Free £10.26 £13.44
Potential saving per year £33.88 £37.82


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